This is just a quick review of the flight I took recently with Philippine Airlines. It was a quick regional flight 3:20 tops. The aircraft used was Airbus A321 and this is one of the newer aircraft in the Philippine Airlines fleet.


This is the hand-out photo of Philippine Airlines for the promotion of  its new A321 planes

There are no IFEs in this flight but I guess you can have your iPad to stream the program onboard but I never bothered to try as it was an early morning flight that I decided to go for a quick nap.

I tried to upgrade my class to Business Class but was told at the check-in that all seats were occupied. To my dismay, the Business Class section is about half full so I felt betrayed by the ground staff.


The seat pitch on economy class onboard PR’s A321 is terrible

The economy seating onboard the Airbus A321 is terrible especially that I am a tall person. My knees are up against the seat in front of me. I approach the male FA and I asked that I want to be reseated even if I have to pay for it. He was a big help and transferred me to the first row from the premium economy class where there is way enough space for me. But I was charged $30 for that as it is a choice seat.


The food is always delicious

The food on Philippine Airlines is always a choice between western food and Filipino food. For breakfast I chose chicken adobo and I must say it was one of the best adobos I’ve ever tested.


All the legroom I want for $30

Would I say I would still choose Philippine Airlines on my next trip to Singapore? If via economy class, definitely no. Above anything else, the terrible seat pitch in the economy class is my biggest complaint.


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