When booking online, one of the many questions one must answer is if you have special dietary requirements. Whether it is because of religion or health, people need to tell their airlines on what they could and couldn’t eat. This is especially dangerous to people with allergies to nuts as this is one of the staple food onboard an airplane.

In my recent trip from IAH to DOH via Qatar Airways, an excruciatingly long flight of more than 15 hours, I made an interesting experiment. I checked-in online and decided to have a diabetic meal. Of course, I stocked my fridge with Jollibee Houston products like spaghetti and aloha burger and slid it in my carry-on luggage – just in case things did not go as planned. My biggest fear is that the diabetic meal will be revoltingly bland. But what happened was a real surprise!

The diabetic meal is served first onboard and is labelled as DBML. The flight leaves Houston at late evening and what I’ve got is an omelette with green peas and tomatoes plus green salad with lemon zest. A small fruit bowl and a low calorie yoghurt serves as dessert. Not bad I should say!


For breakfast, another egg with sausage and some green vegetables plus a rice cracker and a bread. The taste is not that bland so much so that I reserved my Jollibee food for the long lay-over in Doha (which surprisingly was not spoiled after a long flight).



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