THROWBACK :: United Airlines Flight 46

I am opening a category for my post which I would to call as throwback. These are some of the snippets of my experiences a few years back with various airlines either during my business trips or during family vacations.

First up, is my flight from IAH (Houston George Bush) to FRA (Frankfurt International) via United Airlines. During the 90s I remembered pretty well that IAH is the hub of Continental Airlines but since it merged with United in 2010, Houston is now a United hub too!


Planes bearing the Continental logo with a United name splashed on its fuselage is a common sight at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport. My flight from IAH to FRA took 9 hours and 50 minutes. Our boarding was delayed for an hour after a pilot visual inspection revealed that the forward landing gear had a flat tire. Because of this delay, I nearly missed my connecting flight to Istanbul. Luckily I made it but my baggage did not but was delivered to my hotel by Lufthansa on the next day.


Flight entertainment onboard United Airlines Flight 46 is okay as there are individual screens on each seats. The movie selection though is not that good. The food is terrible. I didn’t bother taking photos of the chicken in thick sauce with weird taste.


This flight was back in 2012 and as of this year, 2015, United, along with major US carriers are complaining about unfair competition with the Gulf carriers (Emirates, Qatar and Etihad). I think that even with a level playing field, based on customer service alone, United is no match to Gulf carriers. I would say that if there are alternatives,  I wouldn’t fly with United but on this route, the other option is Lufthansa. Between United and Lufthansa, it is pretty obvious that United is a better choice.


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