Last year, I few from Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) to Nagoya Chubu (NGO) onboard Delta Airlines (DL). This route was actually flown by Northwest Airlines for years but since the 2008 Northwest-Delta merger, Delta is now the prominent American carrier in Japan.

Delta uses its Nagoya hub to connect passengers from Detroit to Guam and Honolulu. Manila was also served from Nagoya but was discontinued in October 2014. Many of my fellow passengers have onward flights to Manila or Guam.

According to the news reports, the reduction of Delta’s flights in its Japanese hubs of Nagoya and Tokyo-Narita is actually part of the effort of building up its new hub in Seattle. Anyway, I would like to review the food onboard this long haul Delta flight but I would like to point out some few observations which would make this some sort of a flight review.


Flight DL 629 flies out of Detroit Metropolitan at around 12:20. As you can see in the flight tracker, the flight took a great circle route flying above the southern coast of Alaska before heading towards Japan.

Food in Delta is okay-ish. It is not top notch but it is not bad either. As seen on the menu below, the service starts with dinner with a choice between Beef Stroganoff or Chicken Teriyaki.


I am not really into chicken so I chose beef. Plus, I really want a spatzli for a change and it looks like the healthier option because of veggie side dish. I would say that it is not bad but I really did hope for more flavor. To make the menu even healthier, I constantly asked for the Japanese green tea which tasted great.


There is a mid-flight snack service but I just really need to sleep so I did not bother to ask for some. As always, on long-haul flights, snacks are always available but you must ask for it. I am not really sure what’s being offered but my suspicion was that it would be Japanese cup noodles.


For pre-arrival meal (flight arrived at around 15:00), the choice was between omelette and shrimp fried rice. I went for the fried rice and I just loved the taste. The photo below looks a bit misleading as the shrimp is actually underneath the rice. Again, I went for lots of Japanese green tea on this meal. 


Standard in all Delta flights even on domestic flights (I took one in 2012 from Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) to Houston George Bush (IAH)) are peanuts and pretzels with a choice of beverage. On long haul flights, they do serve this prior the main meals.

Inflight entertainment on this flight was good. There were individual screens on each seats inside the Airbus A330-200 and internet was also available for a fee.

As always, I would really go for seats with good pitch especially on this 14 hour flight! But it’s not for free so I have to shell out $120 for this roomy seat.  

One thing I would like to point out is the uniform of the cabin attendants. In this flight, there were mix of Japanese and American flight attendants. The Delta uniforms were recently rolled out with red and dark blue hues. I think that the stewardesses in my flight looked smart and snappy and contrary to the notion that American airliners have terrible cabin service, Delta actually have courteous and well-trained personnel.


Delta is actually my favorite American airline. I had some bad experiences with United before and I always avoid American Airlines. Just recently, Delta announced that it will be introducing new uniforms to be designed by a budding designer.

When getting around domestically in the United States, I would always go for Delta.The food on Delta is also way better than the ones served on United and so I heard onboard American Airlines. The service is also way better. Delta may not be a five star airline but it is still the best option among the American airliners.




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