KLM Flight 807 was a really long flight flight from Amsterdam to Manila. If I can remember it correctly, it was about 13 hours of flight. These days however, it is no longer direct. There is a stop-over at Taipei for at least an hour and a half. Back in 2010, the long flight was really uncomfortable for me. The seat pitch was terrible and the food was largely forgettable. But between Amsterdam and Manila, there were no other direct flights back then. Well in fact, as of now, there are no direct flight between the Philippines and continental Europe.


The captain gleefully announced during takeoff that we were flying with a special airplane painted with the special Skyteam livery. The airplane, a Boeing 777, is called Amboseli National Park – a protected park in Kenya. Why it is named after a place in faraway Kenya? I believe it is because the AirFrance/KLM group owns more than a quarter of the Kenya Airways, so Kenya is like a home for the company as well.


The best part of this trip was shopping – window shopping, well fact – at the Schiphol International Airport. I was actually flying from Hamburg to Iloilo with stopovers in Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Manila. The Hong Kong – Manila – Iloilo flight was supposed to be with Philippine Airlines. But the KLM flight from Hamburg was delayed so I was booked in a very nice hotel near the airport and was accommodated on the flight next day which no longer stops at Hong Kong.


Nice view of the starboard wing. Not sure where this is but probably high above the steppes of Central Asia.

My opinion about KLM? Avoid this airline unless you have no choice or if you are traveling business class. My main issue was the seat pitch and really, the material of the seat cushion was terrible. I had a backache to deal with for days when I arrived home.



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