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QUICK REVIEW : ULN-NRT onboard Mongolian Airlines

Our contributor Stephen Diaz flew with MIAT Mongolian Airlines recently from Ulaanbaatar Chinggis Khaan International Airport (ULN) to Tokyo Narita Airport (NRT). The airline is not really ranked as one of the best in the world but MIAT Mongolian is more of an exotic airline. Not so much people outside of Mongolia can claim to have flown with this airline!

Here’s a quick look at the check-in counter.1

Chinggis Khan International Airport, named after the famous Mongol leader Chinggis Khan a.k.a. Genghis Khan who ruled a vast empire stretching from Central Asia to Europe. The airport is located southwest of Ulaan Baatar.

Mongolia is mainly a land of steppes which in some landscapes appear to be endless stretch of plain lands but Ulaan Baatar is mainly surrounded by hills.


Mongolian Airlines flies daily to Narita. Flight OM501 departs in the morning and arrives just well after lunch in Tokyo. During the summer however, Mongolian Airlines flies twice daily to Narita. This quick review is about flight OM503 which departed at around 02:55 pm and arrived in Tokyo at around 07:00 pm. The aircraft used for this flight is a Boeing 737.3

The inflight magazine of Mongolian Airlines is called simply as MIAT Mongolian Airlines. The articles are both written in English and in Mongolian using Cyrillic scripts.


There are no personal TVs on this flight. The movies are played from overhead screens. The food is okay with rice as the main staple of course.45

Mongolian Airlines’ official color is dark blue and it’s logo is a golden “flying” horse. That dark blue color is prominently painted on its tail, on the colors of its seats as well as on the uniforms of the cabin crew.6

The rather uneventful flight takes a little more than 4 hours. Mongolian Airlines can be rated with 2 stars out of 5. It is not that bad but it is an interesting airline from an interesting country.


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