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Sri Lankan Airlines, the flag carrier of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, pays tribute to the revered peacock in more ways than one. It starts with the logo which was revised back in 1988 which shows elegant lines representing the tail of a peacock. The tribute is also very evident with the brand new cabin attendant uniforms where the “eyes” of the peacock tails can be prominently seen.


A photo from a promotional ad shows the brand new uniform of Sri Lankan Airlines stewardess. The “eyes” of a peacock tail can be seen all over the design

Our contributor Mario Angelo recently flew with Sri Lankan Airlines from Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB) to Singapore Changi International Airport (SIN). Sri Lankan Airlines Flight Number UL306 schedule states that it leaves at 01:55 am local from Colombo and arrives in Singapore at 08:35 am local.

The actual flight left ten minutes late but arrived almost 30 minutes earlier. The flight was generally smooth and the aircraft used was an Airbus A320. The seat configuration is a bit tight with just enough legroom.


Amazingly, the aircraft is fitted with individual TV screens. The amount of movies and TV shows were adequate and definitely enough for the three hours and a half flight. A USB charger port can be found on the left side which is good for charging phones or tablets.


The food was okay and one of the choices was a vegan meal. Below is what a vegan meal looks like. The main dish is an empanada style bread with curried sweet potato filling. It is accompanied by a red cheese bread, a fruit platter with watermelon and melons and a salad.srilankan4

In overall, Sri Lanka Airlines is a good airline. For this particular flight, we give Sri Lankan Airlines 3.5 stars out of 5. It is not the best airline serving the route but there was not much to complain about in this short regional flight.


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