Lounge Review

Lounge Review – MIASCOR Lounge at MNL Terminal 1

If you will carry out a quick search on the internet, the customer reviews of MIASCOR Lounge at Manila’s Terminal 1 are far from being nice. From stomach flu due to bad sandwich, cramped spaces, to toilets under maintenance, it is really difficult to impress the passengers especially if you are a lounge right inside an airport that was once dubbed as the worst in the world.


The tail of Ethiopian Airways is visible from the lounge. The chairs are quite comfy but things could get busy during peak hours

In my recent flight, I decided to use my DragonPass Access to relax, unwind and satisfy my hunger before boarding my Qatar Airways flight to Doha. I am pretty much familiar with Terminal 1. I’ve been there during its worst and I’ve seen the efforts to transform its image. The terminal has been decongested as most of the airlines decided to move to the new Terminal 3. The leaking roofs, smelly bathrooms and failing aircon had all been rectified. With that in mind, I’ve set my bar quite low for the MIASCOR Lounge.


Oman Air is visible to the right while an unknown plane is taxiing to the runway

The lounge is utilized by Asiana, Royal Brunei Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, United and Kuwait Airways. The first thing that I noticed is that the lounge is pretty cramped. The arrangement is far from being relaxing with the whole place showing its age. The food is passable by my personal standards but this is below par from what I expect from a lounge.


The food is unfortunately mediocre

What I like about about it though is the view that it offers. You can see the aircraft taking off and landing but it can get a bit noisy if one of those decided to taxi or park near the lounge. The selection of drinks is great – from fruit juices to soda water to whisky and beer.


A can of beer for the long flight ahead

I decided to try the chicken that looks and tastes like from a regular cafeteria. The brewed coffee is okay and while I was warned about the sandwhich, I decided to take a bite anyway. To this day nothing bad happened to my stomach. An hour later, I decided to go for a beer to help me sleep for my long flight.

My final verdict – 2 out of 5 stars. MIASCOR Lounge may not be to my liking but this is a better place within the crowded and aging Manila’s Terminal 1.


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