Lounge Review

Lounge Review: Executive Lounge at GRU Terminal 3

In my recent flight, I was lucky enough to have a lounge access otherwise, think about the horrors one can experience with such a very looooooong 13-hours stopover in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Yep, that’s right – 13 loooong hours. That’s already flying halfway across the globe or flying between LAX and JFK twice then have some spare time for ABQ.

Sao Paulo’s Guarulhos Airport is the main gateway of Brazil and its busiest. The new Terminal 3 built for the Soccer World Cup, is where most of the international action takes place and thus, this is where the Executive Lounge is located. It is found on the second floor just as you get past the first few Duty Free shops.


The sign by the entrance indicates that with the exception of Emirates and Etihad, the lounge basically caters to the needs to One World Alliance airlines. The lounge is open from 7 am to midnight and we arrived at around 4 pm and the lounge was fairly busy. We were greeted professionally and with a genuine smile and we immediately found some empty seats despite the busy atmosphere.


The lounge is spacious and this is facing the quieter area which looks like reserved for reading. We opted for chairs in the middle of the lounge which is meant for eating as we were starving from our domestic TAM flight (which I will discuss in a separate post).


There was decent food which consists of rice, some chicken, sandwiches, cookies and lots of choices when it comes to beer, wines and spirits.IMG_0341

I went for a plateful of rice and chicken and downed several beers as I want to get drowsy, get a comfy seat and sleep. Our next flight was still ten hours away!


This is the comfortable area of the lounge where one can stretch the tired legs and get some nap.


Lots of choices for drinks and the food are replenished quickly. Things got busier by 8pm and then went quieter by 9 pm. I managed to get a quick nap before waking up just before midnight. I feel quite rested but how I wish I can shower but a.) I have no more time b.) the shower costs $20.

In overall, the Executive Lounge at Guarulhos Terminal 3 provides some sort of oasis for tired and weary souls. I give it 4 out 5 stars thanks to the comfy seats where I can stretch and nap. I definitely recommend this lounge and will certainly return if opportunity permits.



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