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Philippine Airlines unveils its reconfigured A330s

In its quest to become a 5 star airline by 2020 – a feat that I personally think they won’t achieve – Philippine Airlines recently reconfigured their Airbus A330. New inflight entertainment systems were installed and as well as brand new seats across all class. They also introduced a new class in this aircraft called premium economy (which has been available in their A321s for several years now).


Philippine Airlines chose Thompson Vantage XL for its business class seats featuring flat full recline, 18.5 inches TV screens, all aisle access and Pneumatic Comfort System (PCS) which allows the passenger to adjust seat firmness according to preference. There is even a massage function!


For the premium economy, the airline tapped Zodiac 5810 brand  which boasts 38 inches legroom and 8 inches in recline. Passengers can also enjoy wide range of entertainment through 13.3 inches TV screens.PAL4

The economy class meanwhile will have seats with 32 inches legroom and individual 10.1 personal TV screens.


According to the airline website, the reconfigured A330s will be rolled out within a seven-month period this 2017. It starts this month for flights to Honolulu, July for Melbourne, August for Sydney, September for Singapore, October for Haneda, November for Narita and December for Osaka.PAL6


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