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Flight Review :: BKK – KTM onboard Thai Airways

Thai Airways has always marketed their product as legendary and one can always hear the words “the legendary service of Thai” in every ad they air or print. While their Business Class and First Class are highly regarded and in many times won awards, things could perhaps be a bit different in the economy class. In fact, I came across one blog that pointed out that Thai Airways is a bit lagging when compared to other major international airlines.

Economy service onboard Thai Airways is okay-ish. At least, each seat is fitted with personal screens

These things were in my mind when I boarded Thai Airways Flight No. TG319 from Bangkok to Kathmandu. The flight leaves in the morning and arrives in Kathmandu just 30 minutes after noon. This is by far one of the convenient flights that one can avail when flying to Nepal. The aircraft used was the modern Boeing 777 with two classes available – economy and business.

Not really the legendary service one might imagine but definitely, Thai Airways is better than most airlines in the region

What impressed me is that the aircraft used was is bigger than what most Asian carriers are using for their regional flights. Each seat is fitted with personal TV screens. The meals was okay but definitely better than most regional carriers. Service is okay-ish. It’s not the legendary service with smiling Thai stewardesses in their colorful traditional uniform but its generally on average and quite attentive.

Food onboard Thai Airways is quite good, at least on this flight

In overall, the service was good. Not legendary but a little bit above than your regular regional flights. The thing that impressed me the most is the modern and widebody aircraft used for such a short flight. I’m giving this flight 4 out of 5 stars and I will definitely choose Thai Airways on my next flight!

Contributed by Stephen Diaz

Qatar Airways spotted while taxiing to the terminal


Welcome to Kathmandu!


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