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Flight Review :: SIN-MEL onboard Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is one of the consistently top ranked airlines in the world and I was lucky enough to fly with this prestigious airline on a work related trip. It was in fact my second time with the airline. My first one was years ago and it was a short 3-hour trip. This time around, I am flying from the airline’s hub of Singapore to Melbourne in Australia and the flight was a little short of 7 hours.


The inflight entertainment system onboard Singapore Airlines is so far the best that I have ever experienced!

My flight, SQ 237 departed Singapore at around midnight. The first thing that I noticed was the gorgeous the inflight entertainment system onboard. I am flying economy yet the personal TV screens were clearly larger than the industry standard. The remote control had a premium feel which seems to be more of an iPhone than the usual plastic enclosed remote controls.


Hello KLM! Departing Singapore’s Changi Airport

The aircraft utilized for the flight was a Boeing 777-300ER and the lay-out was relatively spacious. While almost all airlines – even the top ranked Gulf carriers – have 3-4-3 configurations on their 777s, Singapore Airlines has a 3-3-3 configuration!


Cabin service is always excellent

Singapore Airlines is also known for its top quality cabin service. The flight attendants were never rude. They were always smiling, spoke softly and they it seemed they don’t mind that it was an early morning and quite a long flight. Passenger requests were promptly attended. I believe that Singapore Airlines is the best when it comes to cabin crew.


I would love to have another round of chicken noodles

Few minutes after departure, a late dinner was served. The choices were pan fried fish fillet in dill lemon sauce and soy sauce chicken noodle. I chose the chicken noodle which did not disappoint. Foods served onboard Singapore Airlines were always known to be one of the best in the industry.


Menu card onboard


The latest edition of Silverkris

The flight was generally smooth. I spied on the latest edition of the airline’s inflight magazine called SilverKris. It was three days away from September but the September issue of the magazine was already onboard. It was an interesting read and I particularly liked the City Report section which gave readers an insider look about several travel destinations.


This is so far what disappointed me. A very light breakfast

Prior arrival Melbourne, a light breakfast of bread rolls was served. There were no choices and I am a bit disappointed by this. Nevertheless, it somehow gave me an early morning boost especially since I ordered three cups of coffee.


Approaching Melbourne Airport

On approach to Melbourne, the sun shone brightly but then some clouds began to appear. Welcome to Melbourne where the weather is constantly changing. Some light rains began to drop on touchdown but I feel refreshed and energized. I surprisingly got enough sleep during the flight that I still had the energy to go for an afternoon walk around Melbourne.


What a soggy morning!

In overall the flight was excellent and it was simply above the rest of similar flights to I took with other airlines. I would say that Singapore Airlines should have been the top ranked airline in the world. I am giving my flight a whooping 4.9 out 5 points. Kudos to Singapore Airlines for the excellent service!








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